Kombucha In The Kitchen

Kombucha In The Kitchen

Lovers and haters, your dinner just got upgraded

Did you know you can also cook with kombucha? Regardless of your feelings of it in the bottle, it’s actually perfect for most recipes calling for beer or wine. Here’s why:


It’s Fermented Too

We use wine and beer in foods because cooking it removes the alcohol, and in doing so, reduces the liquid and concentrates the flavor - both the acidity and sweetness we all love. Reducing the liquid, you’re left with this little pool, about half as big as what you started with, and twice the flavor. As good as wine and beer are, could you imagine what you could do with a dose of Pineapple Elderflower in the background of your dish?

Cutting The Calories

Wine and beer are tasty for a reason. One cup of wine contains about 200 calories. That’s one measuring cup, not glass, of wine. Beer contains about 100 calories per cup. Those are some serious numbers in that little cup. Kombucha has about 35 calories per cup, and just as much flavor. Depending on what flavor of it you use in your dish, kombucha may even lend a bigger boost of flavor than either a the traditional wine and beer. Double the flavor for, at most,  ⅓ of the calories? Sign us up.

The Health Kick

We’ve said over and over again how good ‘booch is for you. It’s home to a bunch of probiotics, vitamins, antioxidants, and amino acids. Adding heat will destroy the probiotics, and there’s reason to believe that some of the other good stuff is reduced as well when heated, but some of it does indeed stay around. If your dish calls for low heat, or you’re making a refrigerated dip, for instance, then you’ve just added not only a ton of flavor, but every bit of that other good stuff for you too. If you have to heat it, some of this does stay around, but truly, only a little. However, even if every bit of it went away, it still makes your food amazing.

You Hate Kombucha

Ok, we admit it. It’s not for everybody. Some people don’t like the taste, the fermented flavor, all the fizz, or all of the above. But if you’re one of this crowd, in cooking, all of this stuff goes away, and you’re only left with the sweet, layered, tangy flavor that could easily be your secret weapon in the kitchen.

You Love Kombucha

Our people. This stuff does everything, and that’s why we love it too. Yes, you can even have it for dinner too. Also, if you’re like us, and get a kick out of converting the non-believers, there probably is no better way to do it than whipping up a killer dip, or a decadent dish, with your favorite healthy addiction.

But don’t take our word for it. Try it yourself. Click the below button to see below recipes and more!





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