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Seek North Kombucha is based out of Kingston, New York. With our mission to inspire and spread health to others and the world we live in, we’re looking for partners in NYC, The Hudson Valley and beyond.

Wholesale Partners

Seek North provides premium organic Kombucha to select wholesale partners. We offer our creative passion, exclusive flavors and experience to businesses that share similar values and missions. 

  • Become a kombucha reseller

  • Carry our kombucha on tap

  • Carry our kombucha bottles

Our difference

Our booch is 100% raw, unpasteurized, certified organic kombucha crafted locally in Upstate New York. We only use plant-based ingredients with no added extracts or artificial flavors.

The Seek North secret. Most kombucha brands try to minimize the taste of natural fermentation by diluting their product, adding unnecessary sugars and/or synthetic flavors. We actually let this flavor show through, and without compromising the living bacteria, since we also never pasteurize our kombucha.

  • Low sugar

  • Unfiltered

  • Raw

  • Organic

  • Lower alcohol than other brands

  • Unique flavors

partner with us

Kombucha is delicious, and healthy, but also very complicated to produce. By partnering with Seek North, you leverage our high quality standards and expertise, bringing your business the best organic kombucha on the market. We currently offer wholesale to premium grocers in NYC, and are committed to working with you.

If you have the same passion and vision we would love to work with you in crafting feel good kombucha that fits your needs.

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