Mongolian Seitan Stir Fry



1 Seitan loaf
2 Scallion stalks cut in 1” diagonal strips
4 tbs Soy sauce
2 tbs Ginger
1 tbs Garlic
Pinch of Red Pepper flakes
1 tbs Brown Sugar
3/4 tbs Chickpea flour
2 tbs Seek North Kombucha (Seek Immunity: Pineapple/Elderflower)
2 tbs vegetable oil or sesame oil


  1. Create browning sauce and set aside: Combine soy sauce, water, ginger, garlic, red pepper flakes, chickpea flour and sugar in a bowl.

  2. Over high heat, add vegetable oil to a large pan.

  3. Shred seitan into individual small chunks

  4. Add seitan to pan and sautee until seared with crisp edges

  5. Add brown sauce and stir while simmering about 2 minutes

  6. Add in scallions and gently stir for 30 seconds

Serve immediately

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