“ Drinking kombucha should be easy so we created a kombucha full of heart that you can drink every day.
Real kombucha that's made simple- low sugar, full flavored with full benefits. Be inspired.”

We always dreamed of creating a product that was inspired by our combined love for the Hudson Valley and New York City with our commitment to health and wellbeing. Our mission is to bring natural wellness to everyone and we are extremely proud to produce organic and raw kombucha in Upstate New York.

Our commitment took on a whole new meaning in 2016 when Julian was diagnosed with neurological Lyme disease, a debilitating and commonly misdiagnosed disease that affects an estimated 427,000 people each year. After months of endless medical testing and constant treatments, we decided that we needed to take a deeper look into what we were putting into our own bodies.

Realizing that 70-80% of our immune tissue lies within the digestive tract, we decided to get serious about gut health. Facing one of the most frightening periods in our lives, we chose to jump start both our bodies and our health, together.

While Philippe had already been a budding kitchen alchemist, he started to turn his attention to fermented foods, specifically kombucha, interested in its rich probiotic content. Persistence, and countless kitchen experiments, eventually resulted in an unadulterated kombucha that is completely raw, unfiltered and full of gut healthy probiotics. To this, he began to add organic super-herbs like ginger, elderflower, and lavender for added health boost and complexity. By concentrating on gut health, switching to a plant based diet, and adopting a healthier lifestyle they were able to control Julian’s fight with Lyme Disease.

Seek North Kombucha is filled with living, vibrant energy.  We are here to help you thrive, to be healthy, to be aware, and to share the love of where we live. We hope you enjoy Seek North Kombucha just as much as we love making it.



Kombucha With A Cause

Drink by drink we want to promote awareness and change. A portion of our proceeds goes to Global Lyme Alliance, a leading nonprofit dedicated to conquering Lyme disease through research, education and awareness.

Want to do more? Donate directly to GLA.


who we are

We are Philippe and Julian, a couple of accidental entrepreneurs who worked in fashion and digital marketing before creating Seek North Kombucha.

Infusing our highly trained attention to detail, branding knowledge, and commitment to artisanal quality, we created the Seek North Provisions line to bring health, happiness, and a piece of the Hudson Valley directly to your hands.


what we do

Seek North Kombucha is 100% raw and unpasteurized.  We brew kombucha using traditional methods, producing a beverage that is clean and simple.  

Seek North Kombucha is Certified Organic and low in sugar. Each bottle consists of only vegetable and fruit based raw materials, yeasts, and microorganisms. This undiluted tonic uses no artificial sweeteners, fillers, or synthetic flavors.  



We partnered with the leading Lyme Disease non-profit, Global Lyme Alliance (GLA), donating a portion of our proceeds to conquering Lyme Disease through research, education, and awareness.

About Global Lyme Alliance
Global Lyme Alliance (GLA) is the leading 501(c)(3) dedicated to conquering Lyme disease through research, education and awareness.