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“Drinking kombucha should be easy so we created a premium kombucha that you can drink every day.
Real kombucha that's made simple- low sugar, full flavored with full benefits. Be inspired.”



Kombucha made by two people who love the serenity of nature and the hustle of NYC equally. We are committed to ourselves in health, committed to each other, and we share our success with others as much as we can.

Seek North is kombucha with heart and a cause.

be inspired

Live your own journey and see the world differently. We all have a diverse and rich blend of creativity, positivity, and love that lives inside of us, sometimes it just needs a little boost. So we created a kombucha that you can count on. A kinder kombucha- because we’re here to inspire you!


Live probiotic kombucha

Our kombucha is Certified Organic and Certified Kosher, which means that our booch is 100% raw and undiluted- all natural with zero-additives.




Seek Clarity | Blueberry, Pomegranate, Lemon


Blueberry—nature's preferred brain-boosting nootropic—teams up with sweet, tangy pomegranate and lemon to nourish body and mind with a powerhouse combination of antioxidants, probiotics, and vitamins. This kombucha is a delicious, nutritious way to amplify mental clarity.

Seek Harmony | Hibiscus, Ginger


The tangy boldness of tropical hibiscus and the rooty, lemon-spice flavors of ginger complement and accentuate one another. Each bottle is packed with flavonoids, vitamin C, digestion helpers, and inflammation fighters to help your body achieve a perfect internal balance.

Seek Immunity | Elderflower, Pineapple


We combined the sweet, indulgent flavor of pineapple with the hoppy-tasting flower of the elderberry plant. Celebrated for centuries thanks to its immunity-boosting properties and ability to fight off colds and flus, elderflower will delight your tastebuds and protect your health.


“Seek North is a unique kombucha company that I support. Their probiotic kombucha is perfectly tailored to serve the purpose of enhancing your gut health.” Dr. Brian Ramos, Author of The Art of Stress-Free Living


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