6 Reasons why kombucha is a star probiotic

by Ramas Rooted Tree | Medium

Seek North Kombucha- Seek Clarity

Seek North Kombucha- Seek Clarity

Your digestive tract is made up not only of your “human” cells but also of a collection of vital microorganisms, like bacteria and fungi, that are crucial for your health. These microorganisms form the basis of a healthy and natural ecosystem known as your digestive microbiome.

What is a challenge for most people is that a number of everyday factors under their control are throwing off their gut balance, including the maintenance of a thriving microflora. For example, animal-based diets that are low in micronutrients and prebiotics, stress, lack of quality sleep (associated with insomnia and neurodegeneration; see -here-), and even your inheritance can impact your gut’s balance leading to digestive issues.

1. The Bacteria & Fungi Relationship

Until about a decade ago, researchers studied microorganisms in a very different way. Often isolating different strains and focusing mainly on the negative impacts that they had on our health and wellness. However, new research has revealed that certain microorganisms, especially those that are or should be native to the outside of our body (skin, nasal passages, and digestive tract), play an extremely positive role in our health and wellbeing. Specifically, it has been found that microorganisms have an effect on each other and help boost our health in a variety of way (i.e. aid digestion, boost immunity, reduce inflammation, increase energy, enhance mental health, etc.).

The emergence of probiotics as a tool for gut health is a direct result of these findings. Probiotics, such as those found in kombucha, can help you to effectively maintain digestive balance, breaking down digestive plaque and helping to populate your gut with healthy bacteria and fungi (i.e. yeasts) that are integral to our native microbiome.

Research demonstrates that there is a very strong symbiotic association between bacteria and fungi that works to maintain balance, not just for their survival but for our own health as well. We must avoid doing things that get in the way of this microbial relationship.

Bacteria and fungi work in concert to protect each other, through the formation of vital digestive plaque. Our diet and healthy, raw probiotic choices, like kombucha, promote balanced bacteria and fungi profiles in our gut, which can reduce the formation of or help to break down unhealthy digestive plaque that often takes root in our gut.

2. Microbes and Mental Health

It is worth noting that I have discussed previously how the microbiome can influence our mood and may even prevent depression or anxiety. Healthy people share commonalities when it comes to their gut microflora. Moreover, there is a link between gut microorganisms, inflammation, and depression.

Interestingly, there are at least 56 substances important for ideal nervous system function that gut microbes either produce or break down. Researchers have found, for example, that some bacteria even link to dopamine, a key brain signal involved in depression, pleasure, and motivation, although evidence how this might protect against depression is lacking. Microbes also make anti-inflammatory substances like butyrate, and increased inflammation is implicated in depression.

3. Achieve Total Gut Balance

In order for our digestive system to flourish, we need to address both bacteria & fungi, simultaneously. Remember that Good Bacteria + Good Fungi = Total Gut Balance.

Kombucha’s symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY) optimizes digestive health by combining good bacteria, good fungi, with powerful antioxidants, anti-inflammatory substances, and enzymes that help to reshape our gut and promote overall balance. Kombucha's billion live active cultures maintain, support, and promote the balance of the total microbiome in the digestive system.

4. What Is Digestive Plaque?

Bacteria & fungi work together to build digestive plaque, which is a thick film on your gut’s lining that acts as a protective shield over unhealthy bacteria and fungi. These unhealthy bacteria and fungi actually disrupt the microbial balance within the digestive system.

To support overall digestive health and total gut balance, you must be able to break down digestive plaque. By breaking it down, good bacteria and fungi are able to reach and counteract the unhealthy bacteria and fungi that hide within it, possibly even pathogens that make us vulnerable to some diseases.

5. Kombucha’s Cultures Should be Alive When They Reach Your Gut

To ensure that Kombucha cultures are alive and ready to colonize your gut, you must make sure that you are drinking a brand, like my favorite alcohol-free, low sugar brand (Seek North) that contains raw and active cultures. Also ensure that your preferred brand contains only the best strains of cultures, enzymes, and natural ingredients. They should not include anything else, period.

What I love about Seek North is the high level of craftsmanship and skill put into their drinks. They do not taste like just any other kombucha but demonstrate the passion and love put into each flavor they make.

Seek North Kombucha

6. Experience Counts

SEEK NORTH is a unique kombucha company that I can support. Their probiotic kombucha is perfectly tailored to serve the purpose of enhancing your gut health. It effectively addresses the balance of healthy bacteria and fungi levels in your digestive tract, while also providing you with other key ingredients, all of which help to better promote your healthiest digestive microbiome.


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