New Bottles, New Mission, and Still Everything You Love!

Seek North only knows how to shake things up, so, we’re doing it again. The brand with the big heart is about to get bigger and better.

Don’t worry. Seek North hasn’t ‘new and improved’ away everything you were just starting to love, we only took what you already loved, and wrapped an even better bow around it.

Our boochmaster, Philippe Trinh, is a menswear designer and wanted Seek North to be a fashionably healthy drink alternative. So, we tapped a former Brand Director for Kate Spade, Scott Williams, got him together with Philippe and Julian, and dressed up billions of probiotics in a gorgeously new instagram’able worthy bottle.

But style without substance is just fluff, so we made sure what was in the bottle was still as quality as what the outside reflected. With that, we have 3 new, body-boosting, dashing flavors to make you look and feel as amazing as our booch is:

seek north kombucha.jpg

Seek Clarity | Blueberry, Pomegranate, Lemon

A time-tested fan fave got its makeover. The King of Superfruits, blueberry, is sweetened and sultried up with the beloved, heart-healthy pomegranate for a one-two punch of antioxidants. The most famous fruit in the world, lemon, lends its tart, tangy hand, full of vitamin C, to an already delicious powerhouse of probiotics, vitamins, minerals and potent antioxidants.

Seek Immunity | Elderflower, Pineapple

A necessary island vacation companion, pineapple, comes in tow with the famed inflammation-tackling bromelain, and one of the most layered, recognizable flavors in the grocery aisle. Swirl in a bouquet of elderflowers, prized for their legends of immune benefits, and you have a sweet, hoppy, beer-like treat your whole body will thank you for, from your tastebuds to your T-cells.

Seek Harmony | Hibiscus, Ginger

A big, bold, tangy tropically-native flower comes hand in hand with a rooty, lemon-spice flavor of ginger, in a tango that seems like it might be opposed, but ends up the match you never knew you were missing. Plant flavonoids, vitamin C, digestion helpers, and inflammation fighters top off the tango with the substance behind the show.

‘Full flavor, full benefit, good vibes’ isn’t just some slang-heavy tagline to make us look trendy - we very much mean it. Our flavors are known for being complex and layered enough for even the most jaded kombucha addicts, but unpretentious and mild enough to welcome your first-ever sip. Each of our ingredients are there with very good reason, and from the best possible sources.

new mission

We didn’t just want to make another kombucha company, we were on a mission. We wanted to take better care of ourselves, and encourage everyone to do the same. We wanted to give back the things that were important to us, the goals and ideals that kept driving us through our toughest times.

This is why we are beyond excited to share that we have decided to partner with the leading Lyme Disease non-profit, Global Lyme Alliance (GLA) donating a portion of our proceeds to conquering Lyme Disease through research, education, and awareness.

Change can be scary, but if you stay true to what put you on the path, you can authentically travel down any road. We’re so excited for this new chapter, and for you to join us in.

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