Find Seek North- Bigger, Better, and Now Closer To You!

By Patric Watzman

Seek North began with hard work, love and a drive to make the world just a little better. We’re expanding throughout New York, so you can see for yourself exactly what we’re all about.  If it was hard for you to grab our booch or have us end up in your fridge, things just got a whole lot easier.

Co-founder, Julian Lesser

Co-founder, Julian Lesser

When we started Seek North, we did it to share things that we felt were important and to inspire others to do the same. We literally started making kombucha in our home one gallon at a time.  To this day, this is how we still develop new flavors in our Kingston home and kitchen. If you believe in something enough and follow everything that energizes you to share it, big things can happen—and Seek North is proof. We launched at Dean & DeLuca about a year ago and have progressed to where we are today, our kombucha can now be found in over 40 locations throughout New York.  It hasn’t all been easy—we had to reinvent ourselves just as we were getting started, and we have bounced back from some early setbacks. We never gave up, however, because we always believed this is exactly what we are supposed to be doing.

In the last few months we've partnered with dozens of new retailers, cafes, and grocers to bring our healthy probiotic booch closer to you. We are now available all over—you can have us with your killer cup of coffee at Kahve, Gossip Coffee, or paired with your favorite bagel at Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Co. You can also make us part of your healthy grocery basket at gourmet grocers like Foragers Market, A Matter of Health, Greenbay Market Place, FoodCellar, and Dean and Deluca. We’ve even made our way into our favorite spots upstate like Outdated, Adam’s Fairacre Farms, Bread Alone, Main Course, Red Hook Natural Foods, Village Hands Café, Mother Earth’s, and Olde Hudson.  In Long Island you can find us in Sayville all the way up to Montauk at Cornucopia, Duryea’s Market, Gurney’s Inn, It’s Only Natural, Milk Pail, Off The Block, Schmidts Market and Share the Harvest Farm Stand. Hop on over to our -find us- page to see our complete list.

We believe in the best in ourselves, the best parts of this world, and the best parts in other people. That’s what keeps us going We do what we do to keep the circle going and to do what inspires us, so that we can share it with you. Whether you shake our hand, sip our bottle, or wait for a super-cool box each month, you take part in what we do—and we hope it inspires you too.

We’re growing. And we’re coming to make you glow.

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