How Much Kombucha Can I Drink?

One of the most common questions gets its own blog.

If you’re wondering how much of a good thing is enough, you’re not alone. Our most common question deserves an answer.

If you’ve spent time on our blog, you know that one of our favorite hobbies is converting people to kombucha. We’ve gotten extremely good at it. And, inevitably, the same thing happens. They love it, didn’t think they would, want to take some home, reach into our ice bin, and then hesitate, “How much of this should I drink?”


First off, fear not. There really is no right answer. We’ve met people that got addicted from their first sip, and started their two-bottle-a-day habit from that moment on, and we’ve also met people that only drink a little at a time. 

If you were so inclined, you could Google-search some kombucha horror stories, and we’ve found that gives people some pause. But if you look closer, these stories are the results of improper home brews, improper storage, or in people that had underlying conditions already. If given a clean bill of health by your doctor and a green light to drink it, it is kept cold, and you are drinking it from bottles made by reputable companies, we’ve yet to hear of an instance where kombucha became a problem under these circumstances. 

If you want to gently dip your toe in the shallow end of this world, or just belly-flop right into the deep end, we have some advice.

If you’re working your way up to full booch fan, thankfully, booch goes great with a lot of things. You are welcome to mix, or dilute, any amount of your bottle you choose, in whatever other drink you choose. Maybe half a bottle of our Pineapple Elderflower with 8oz of iced tea, for a nice twist on an Arnold Palmer? Hibiscus Ginger with some soda water and a cherry? Get creative. Or, you can also just simply drink whatever amount, as-is. We worked really hard to make it crazy delicious. Just make sure to seal your now-opened bottle tightly back up, keep it refrigerated, and drink within 5 days.

There’s also no right answer on when to drink it either. Some have touted the benefits of drinking it after meals to help with digestion. Some people drink it in the morning, or near bed time, on an empty stomach. In truth, in drinking it on an empty stomach helps the probiotics it contains more easily reach your large intestine (which is what you want), so you’ll often hear recommendations for this. However, a lot of us at Seek North Kombucha can be found drinking it after meals, ourselves. But we drink a lot of this stuff around here. 

The serving size in our bottles is for the whole bottle so that, you, the consumer, know exactly what you’re getting when you pick it up, rather than a ‘recommended dose’. You can start with whatever amount you’re comfortable with. For the severely addicted, through our blogs, you’ll find all kinds of recipes, suggestions, and encouragement on how to fit even more of this stuff in your day. The sky’s the limit... Or, the top of your glass. 

Toasts to our kombucha kin, newbies and experts, however much is in your glass.