Best Kombucha In New York City

How Seek North Is Doing It Differently

We hit the streets, hit the stores, set up booths, and hand out little cups of our ‘booch to the masses, and we always hear the same thing through a surprised smile, “Wow. This is... the best kombucha I’ve had. Can I take one more?”  Which is not to be outdone by our favorite, “I really thought I hated kombucha ‘til I tried this. I could drink this.”

If you want to find the best kombucha in NYC you’ll notice there’re a quite a few kombucha brands to pick from.  Many brands tout similar offerings such as Certified Organic, craft kombucha, raw… But what really sets Seek North Kombucha apart from other brands are 5 things you don’t really see on the label:

The taste. This had to be #1, right? Because we could list a million different things about why we’re different, but if your eyes don’t light up when when our brew hits your tastebuds, it doesn’t matter. Our taste truly is one of the things we’re most proud of. There’s something about not trying to mask nature and biology, nor trying to pump up what they already do well, that tends to make things perfect - that’s really our secret. What you taste is less like an explosion, and more like a symphony - light, confident, hitting all the right notes at the right times, and creating a harmony where you can simultaneously register all the individual parts, but feel them all at once. Close your eyes and sip, and tell us we’re wrong.


We care. We are mission driven. This whole thing started with wellness and healing in mind, fueled by intense research, passion, countless frustrating experiments, and the dogged, insistent knowledge that your body  wants what's best to try and heal itself. Once we got it right, we knew what we had to do… so we shared it with you. More than this, we donate portions of our profits to research, awareness, advocacy, and education on Lyme Disease in hopes that those whom it has affected will hopefully have a better quality of life, and a success story like ours.

We’re transparent. We’re inspired by the fact that nature hides nothing. We make sure our serving size on the label is a realistic one - you know what’s in your bottle, not what’s in ½ of it. We make sure the flavor listed on the label is representative of what’s in your bottle with no tricks up our sleeve, extra ingredients, or artificial, added anythings. We update our blogs with things that help you learn what’s in our bottles, how it affects your body, the science of your body, and how to make it all work better for you. We share our stories, care about our planet, and our community. If nature has nothing to hide, and we stay true to nature, we never will either.

The quality & Alcohol Extraction. We are organic, local-made, traditionally brewed, small batch crafted, raw, undiluted, zero-additive, 100% natural, wild-crafted ingredient infused badass ‘booch. We’re not sure if there’s another adjective left we could find that we didn’t make sure to  fit in your bottle. And for your health concerns, we’re gluten free, lactose free, no added sugar, naturally low in sugars, and have no synthetic colors, or flavors. Our ‘booch is the one of the very few brews in the NYC, and one of the small handful in the entire country, to use a state-of-the-art spinner technology to remove virtually all trace of alcohol from our products, without adding any extra heat, so no worries about that in your body, or if your drink is truly still raw or not.

We’re pretty confident about what we do. This confidence comes not only from our countless experiments and years of insistent perfection, but from what we hear from people like you every time we talk about what we do, or they get a chance to taste a bottle. We’re not saying that you’ll never find a kombucha you like better, but if you think you can… we really dare you to try.